Global Musings

Sobrinas Carpuela Ecuador

I served for three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Nepal and Andean Ecuador. I have spent many years living in and backpacking through Latin America and SE Asia. I studied international affairs in graduate school. That’s all to say that I view the world through an international lens.

Nepali Friends

I love to put my pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) at the intersection of endurance racing and global exploration.  See below for some endurance musings with global and cultural connections:

1. The Kenyan Distance Running Dynasty: A Perfect Storm

2. How Peace Corps Prepared Me For Ironman

3. The New Normal

4. The Reincarnation of ChiTo

5. The Tortoise and Hare Take Eurasia

6. My Bowl is Half Full

7. Tri Training in the Andes

8. What I’ve Got (Ecuadorian Bean Farmers and Triathlon)

9. Don’t Let Them Win

10. Notes on an Identity Crisis

2 responses to “Global Musings

  1. Hey,

    Was nice meeting you today. Really like the blog. Very inspiring and impressive. Let’s keep in touch, would love to hear how your training goes.


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