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Team Poppy Tony and Kgo in the Media!

SmartWool on Active

Team Poppy Tony and Kgo have had some pretty incredible opportunities to share their story with a variety of media outlets. Check out a few highlights below:

— TED-style talk at George Washington University. Spring, 2014. On how public service prepared me for Ironman competition. See it here: “Success in Service.”

— Interview with Triathlete Magazine, Sept 2013. Read it here: On the Fast Track” by Julia Beeson Polloreno

— Interview with Active Life DC, January 2015. On my upbringing, my greatest athletic accomplishment, and avoiding injury amid heavy training cycles. Read it here: “Featured Athlete: Kendra Goffredo.”

— My piece in WorldView Magazine, Fall 2013. The editor asked how Peace Corps service had prepared me for IRONMAN. She published my response, with a title of her choosing. Read it here: “Grit.”

— Interview/Videocast at Univ of Maryland’s Center for Social Value Creation. Blog follower and UMD Professor Halley Aelion invited me to lecture on using sport to create social value. This interview followed my lecture.

— Video Interview with 90 Revolutions: “Loving the Sport, Loving the Cause” (2012)

— Interview with SELF Magazine: “The Awkward Money Convo” (2013)

My fave Q/A from interview with Jaclyn Emerick (JE), SELF Mag’s Fitness Editor:

JE: You make [fundraising] sounds so easy.

KG: There are so many people in this world who, for financial, physical, or cultural reasons, cannot participate in triathlon. Those of us who are healthy enough to swim-bike-run, who are in a position to afford running shoes, who live in communities where it is safe to train, and in countries where our sex does not prohibit our participation in athletics, owe it to the rest of our brothers and sisters who, for financial, physical, or cultural reasons, can’t swim-bike-run. When a racer finds a cause she believes in, the cause can help to motivate her to run for those who can’t. Every time I step into my running shoes, I acknowledge that I am doing something that my father once loved to do, taught me to do, but can no longer do himself. When I race, I race for both of us.

Read the rest here.

— Interview with San Diego Union Tribune:Goffredo Cherishes Each Day as He Battles Cancer” (2005)

— Interview with San Diego Union Tribune:Goffredos Put Cancer on the Run” (2009)

— IRONMAN’s Official Webpage: Representing the MMRF at Kona (2013)

— Tri360 Interview: Athlete of the Month (2013)

My fave Q/A from this interview:

What’s on your mind when you’re racing? I think a lot about the Nepalese and Ecuadorian families in my Peace Corps host communities. I compare the insignificance of my challenges in racing to the real challenges they face living in impoverished villages without access to clean water, medical services, and quality education. I think about how lucky I am to have the opportunity and resources to race triathlon, how fortunate I am to live in a community where it is safe to bike and run through the streets. And I think about how thankful I am for a father and mother who always, always, always showed me the importance of a positive outlook in the face of adversity.

Read the rest here

— From the SmartWool Spring 2013 Running Campaign

More details here. Photos below.

Pain Killers Ad

I’m in the SmartWool ad in the April 2013 issue of Women’s Running

SmartWool Website PhD Run

SmartWool Website: Spring 2013

— And the Smartwool Fan Field Tester Video

For questions on Team Poppy Tony, the MMRF, or Kgo, just send Kendra an email at kendra (dot) goffredo (at) gmail (dot) com!

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