ChiTo is a bike. Kgo is a triathlete.

ChiTo means quick in Nepalese. Kgo (a.k.a. Kendra Goffredo) learned that when she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal. There, while riding her $100 Indian-made “mountain” bike with questionable brakes, she got into a biking accident with a goat. The goat won.

Safely back in the United States, Kgo and her bike ChiTo cover IRONMAN courses from Kona to New York as fast as their training will allow. In 2012, Kgo secured the IRONMAN US Championship title and raced to a top 10 finish at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. All of this despite learning to swim AND competing in her first triathlon just one year before.

The fairy tale continues in 2015; In January, Kgo accepted her elite qualification and entered into the field of professional triathlon.

Supported by her sponsors Amy’s KitchenZoot, SmartWool, and NalgeneKgo races to represent Team Poppy Tony, an endurance project named for Kgo’s father who is battling a blood cancer called multiple myeloma. And that’s where the coolest part of this story resides: Kgo has used triathlon as a platform to raise over $80,000 for The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (The MMRF).

Click HERE for more on Kgo’s motivation to race triathlon. (It’s kind of a cool story.)

Click HERE for race result highlights.

Chito’s Likes: Sunshine. A smooth road. A strong tailwind.

Kgo’s Likes: Epics. Journeys. Epic Journeys. Volcano Treks. Burritos. And 800s.

What the devil?

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5. In My Father’s Footsteps

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