Puppies, rainbows, and wifi

One may conclude from my posts that traveling through #Cuba is all #puppies and #rainbows. And though even the stray pups are nice (not a single dog has even growled at me!), there are parts of traveling through Cuba that are absolutely #maddening. At the top of the list is accessing the internet

There is no such thing as free wifi, and even when you are willing to pay $3-5 for a one-hour card from ETECSA (state-owned telecom co), there isn’t always someone around to sell you one, or there’s an hour-long line to buy one, or you’re not sure you can trust the guy who says he will log you in for $3/hour but must take control of your cell phone to do so. (I had good experiences with these guys, btw.)


And even once you have a one-hour card, you still need to find a park or plaza or alleyway behind a state-run hotel that actually transmits the wifi signal. Just look for all the people sitting around staring down at their phones in small groups. And then hope it’s still working by the time you enter your 16-digit user ID and 16-digit access code to match. And then resume the #puppiesandrainbows messages.


Or just wait til you return to the land of milk and honey.


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