I don’t want a fancy hotel

I don’t want a fancy hotel. I want a community. I want you to take me into your kitchen and show me how you make coffee on your stove. I want to look inside your refrigerator and understand why there are no eggs or milk inside, but two old oranges and ham and salchichas and medicine. A lot of medicine. I want to know the stories of what you hang on your walls. Of your daughter’s bachelors in mathematics and her scholarship to Spain. I want to watch kids playing kid games and men playing men games. I want to learn from the woman who holds her head up and walks alone at night without fear. I want to hear all that these things communicate about a people and a homeland and a system. And I can’t do that inside of a fancy hotel. Nuevo Vedado, #Cuba.

2 responses to “I don’t want a fancy hotel

  1. Preach it!

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