More than the Entire

Foot Fracture

“In considering what Tess was not, he overlooked what she was, and forgot that the defective can be more than the entire.” –Tess of the d’Urbervilles

You have probably heard it said that a broken bone, upon healing, is stronger than the bone prior to the break. I thought about this each night for the past two months, visualizing the fracture in my foot evolving into something of an impenetrable fortress that would never–could never–break again.

Ellie by Nicholas Claridge

Credit: Nicholas Claridge

But then I read this article, and discovered that bone science did not support this belief, and that my formerly fractured foot is no stronger than it was before.

But bone science cannot measure my personal growth, my heightened mental toughness, my increased capacity to endure as a result of not being able to do for two months what I love more than anything else to do: run. Science can’t measure the extent to which my defective self has surpassed my former entire. 

Progress in Water_Philippe Karrer

Credit: Philippe Karrer

See, I learned something in the past two months that only the ache of experience can teach, a lesson that reaches far beyond a triathlon finish line, to the loneliest corners of injury, failure, and heartache:

When we can no longer do what we love to do, we have the choice to fall in love anew.

Skip into the Water

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Thank you, Sarita, for my sweet little necklace!

Swim When you Can't Run_Sarita

8 responses to “More than the Entire

  1. I would be honored to wear that unique necklace💞 as you do IMAZ in November.🌀👣Moo(mom)❤

  2. Thank you, kgo, for sharing so many invaluable lessons! I could not have asked to find better friends in this country! 🙂

  3. I love this! Unfortunately I know the feeling all too well and know that you are going to bounce back from this stronger than ever – hope recovery is going well!

  4. Love the positive and strong attitude!

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