They definitely were


Sometimes I go all in. Caution to the wind. Blind, intrepid, hungry. And other times I tiptoe into a glacier-fed lake in Banff National Park and question whether frozen feet are worth being a tiny bit closer to those mountains.


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See that wooden diving board in the lower right? The other end is wedged under a rock. The boys who showed it to me said it’s been there for thirty years.

Ha, I laughed out loud. You haven’t even been alive that long.

Yeah, they said, that’s old.

Yeah, I agreed, it sure is. Now here, take my camera. I’m about to jump.


Herbert Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

From the seat of my bike


Even an elk this big is hard to spot from a vehicle traveling at 60mph. And snapping a clear picture at that speed? Forget it. So instead, I’ve been cruising the huge-shouldered, newly paved highway through Jasper National Park on the seat of my bike. I’ve seen a black bear, elk, bighorn sheep, and deer. Just a few more reasons #whyiride.

No filter


No filter, so it’s either a ridiculously gaudy painting, or an incomprehensibly beautiful place.


Lake Moraine, Banff National Park, Canada

What 9pm in the Canadian Rockies looks like





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Expiration Dates

The expiration date on these gels came and went in 2014. I thought the same could be said for my triathlon PRs. But then yesterday, with these expired gels in my belly, I attained a new half ironman personal best.

But I raced anyway

I raced a triathlon this past weekend. In the PRO field. I came out of the water last. I never caught up to a single other PRO, short of the one who dropped out. Eight amateurs beat me. And I knew it would all shake out like this before I stepped to the starting line. But I raced anyway. Because after a year off, a year of having only enough energy to stay afloat in #grief, I missed that place in my mind that I can only reach on a race course. 

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